Open the maps below to select a ride of around 2 hours.

Choose from a quick run out to ‘The Dish’ near Parkes, the Warrumbungles National Park & Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, Burrendong Dam (although it’s pretty dry at the moment!) and the Wellington Caves, The Rabbit Trap Hotel at Albert, Collie Hotel (Collie) or Hair of the Dog Hotel at Ballimore – there’s plenty to see & do around the area.

You can also do the Royal Tour or check out some of the Silo and Watertower Art around the place.

Take the “Royal” Tour, a list of localish Royal Hotels is available on this map.

Check out the Water Tower and Silo art around NSW and beyond on this map for your trip to or from the Rally. 

Watch the American Thunder Magazine video taken at Dubbo Motor Bike Rally in 2019

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